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Playstation 3 and 3D Blu-Ray movies

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With the release of the 3.50 firmware update, the Playstation 3 now plays 3D Blu-Ray movies.  My older Mitsubishi DLP TV is 3D-ready but only supports the checkerboard 3D format that nobody uses anymore.  However there is a converter kit (available without glasses for $100, with glasses for $300) that will convert multiple 3D formats to checkerboard, including the format used by 3D Blu-Ray movies as well as side-by-side (left/right or top/bottom) formats for 3D TV.

I got the converter kit a week before the PS3 update so I had a chance to try it out on 3D TV.  It worked great, though I had to manually set the TV to 3D mode and the converter to the appropriate side-by-side format.  However when I plugged in the PS3 and tried to play the 3D sampler that came with the kit, I kept getting a warning that either my player or TV was not 3D and it reverted to boring 2D.  When I tried this the update had been out for less than an hour, so searching for help on the internets was no use.  Time to troubleshoot!

My first thought was to check the PS3's Video Settings, but that didn't provide any obvious 3D options.  Next I tried turning on 3D on my TV before playing the disk but that didn't work either.  Okay, how about Display Settings?  Nothing obvious there either, but there's an option for "Video Output Settings", so I went ahead and tried that.  I turned on my TV's 3D mode and then selected the Video Output Settings option.  After choosing my connection type (HDMI) and letting it auto-detect the resolution, the PS3 then told me that my TV was indeed 3D capable!  I had to tell it the size of my TV, and then everything was golden.  I started the disc, the converter box automatically detected the signal, and it was time to watch some 3D.

If you're running into the same issue, try the following:

  1. Turn on your TV's 3D mode.  This may not be necessary with newer HDMI 1.4 TVs that can auto-detect 3D capability, but older DLP TVs will almost certainly have to do this first.
  2. On the PS3 CrossBar interface, go to Settings and then down to Display Settings
  3. In Display Settings, select Video Output Settings and let it auto-detect.
  4. If everything works, Video Output Settings should tell you that your TV is 3D capable and ask you to put in the size of your TV for "optimal display".

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