Your web site nav really isn't that important

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Apparently the new thing to do on web sites is to put a floating toolbar over your content in some misguided attempt to get people to sign up, or "capture their eyes", or some other bullshit that values annoyance over usability. Normally I'd just say fuck it and not go back to any site that did this, but this trend is spreading and it doesn't look like it'll stop any time soon. Thus I have to do something about it.

Stylish to the rescue! By using this add-on plus a custom user style, I'm systematically going through web and killing these toolbars as I find them. If you want to benefit from this, you can download the CSS file from here. Copy and paste that into a new rule in Stylish and it will start working immediately. I'll update it periodically as I come across other sites with annoying toolbars. Once I've caught most of the big toolbars, I'll eventually put this up on for everyone to use.

Currently the style removes the following crap:

  • Wibiya toolbar on any site
  • Meebo toolbar on any site
  • Apture toolbar on any site (this one is particularly annoying because it only appears when you scroll)
  • The fixed-position toolbar on
  • NY Times "next article" blob that shows up when you scroll down the page
  • CNet's login toolbar
  • CBS News login crap
  • Reuters crap (apparently they also use Apture for a double whammy)

Fuck you, toolbar bastards. You can't control my web experience.