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With the launch of Windows Live yesterday, I decided I should try my hand at writing a Gadget (yes, I know has been doing the Gadget thing for a while, and is nothing more than a re-branded What better than a simple Analog Clock? Thanks to the JavaScript VectorGraphics library folks for an awesome DHTML drawing library.

The Analog Clock Gadget works with both and

To install (cribbed from Microsoft Gadgets' installation instructions):

  1. Copy
    to your clipboard.
  2. On, select Add Content on the sidebar and then Advanced.
  3. Paste the Gadget URL into the Add a Gadget by URL textbox.
  4. Select the Add button.


Cool gadget! I've been thinking of doing something similar but was too lazy to write my own javascript graphics library :) (didn't know about the one you used).
Why don't you add it to That way more people would be able to find it and use.

Thanks. I just did a search for "DHTML drawing" and that was the first result, so I used it.

As for putting it on, I'm waiting for the Xbox 360 contest to run out since I'm not eligible to enter. Besides, deleting and creating hundreds of divs every second to redraw the clock drives up IE's memory usage very quickly. I may be able to reduce the growth rate somewhat by using an image as a background, but the clock hands still require a fair number of divs so memory will continue to grow unbounded.

This is really a novelty rather than something you'd want to keep running for a long time.

Hi Daishar, amazing work on the livetris gadget. I would love to know when you get it working for Firefox as well, is this something I could make available on my personal website? I'd give you compensation of course for the source code.
let me know:) sincerely, walter.

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