Depiq user script

Since I created a "userscripts" category on my blog, I figured I should post my other user scripts (okay, "user script" singular for now) in this category for easy access.

Here's the depiq user script. It removes Roland Piquepaille-submitted stories from the Slashdot home page (exactly why you would want to remove these submissions is explained in the comments of pretty much every Roland-submitted story -- ie, if you have to ask, you probably don't care enough to remove them). The inclusion list is only the main Slashdot page, so Roland stories will still show up in other sections (you could change the inclusion list, but I haven't tested that). It's not perfect, thanks to Slashdot's horribly awful HTML code. You might see some parentless "Read More" links, for example. That just tells you that the script is working.

Since I'm an Internet Explorer user (gasp!), this script works with both Firefox/Greasemonkey and IE/Turnabout (Turnabout is now my choice of Greasemonkey-like IE plugins, since I killed GreasemonkIE -- I really liked that name; maybe Turnabout could rename themselves to GreasemonkIE?). It might work in Opera 8, but I haven't tested it there. Feel free to let me know if it does or doesn't work, or update the script to work with Opera.

Any future scripts will be Firefox/Greasemonkey- and IE/Turnabout-compatible. I'll do my best to support Opera 8, but it's secondary to the other two (sorry, Opera users).