Goodbye to GreasemonkIE

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I have to kill this project. I have no time to work on it, and I can't open the source, so I'm going to let it die. The concepts behind GreasemonkIE are not novel (considering it's a "port" of Greasemonkey), and building a managed BHO is well-documented already. Joe's Apt has a good set of links on this topic, most of which I found independently to help me build a managed BHO. If you're interested in building your own managed BHOs, those links are an excellent place to start.

Hopefully some other enterprising developer can make user scripts for IE a reality, but unfortunately that developer cannot be me.

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I'm in awe of Dean Edwards' IE7, considered by many to be the CSS rosetta stone for Microsoft Internet Explorer (MSIE), which also still happens to be the most widely used web browser on the planet. For the long-frustrated... Read More


Very sorry to hear about this! The important thing is you gave it a shot.

I had been kicking around the IE7-as-a-BHO idea for the past few months. Between Dean Edwards' words of encouragement and your announcement of GreasemonkIE, I was finally convinced it was worth pursuing, so my thanks to you for blazing a trail!

Should my IE7/BHO efforts pan out over the coming months, and I can manage to work Greasemonkey into it, I will do so without hesitation. If someone else pulls it off sooner, I'll cheer them on as well.

I think that's a shame Todd.

Any chance you can publish the source code somewhere so that someone else can take this on? You can mail it to me if you want...

Dean, I'm sorry that I won't be able to open the code, but all of the concepts behind it are easily available. I've already pointed to Joe's blog, which has a bunch of nice links for building managed BHOs. The only real "Ah-ha!"-worthy concept is using ITHMLWindow2's execScript() method on IHTMLDocument2.parentWindow from OnDocumentComplete's IWebBrowser2 object to inject the scripts. However, that's well-documented on MSDN, so using a method designed to inject scripts to actually inject scripts is pretty obvious :). Everything else is simple plumbing.

Why will you not be able to release the source? Did you receive a "cease and desist"?

Damn! Seems like I arrived at the party too late. Hopefully someone will pick this up and take it a bit further. In the meantime I'm hoping I can find this msi install somewhere...

Damn shame - I had high hopes...

Looks like there's a recently released alternative to watch, though:

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