GreasemonkIE update


New update for GreasemonkIE!


  • Added an interface to load user scripts. No more XML modification. Download your script first, and then open "Tools ->Add User Script..." to load the script into GreasemonkIE. I still haven't hooked up to the context menu.
  • Added Tony Juricic's mscoree.dll wrapper, so now explorer.exe doesn't hold onto the GreasemonkIE assembly.
To upgrade, remove the old MSI (either using "msiexec /x greasemonkie.msi" from wherever you downloaded the MSI, or through Add/Remove Programs) and install this new one.

As a bonus, I've written my first brand-new user script: De-Piquepaille Slashdot. This script removes Roland Piquepaille-submitted stories from the Slashdot front page (I wrote it on a whim). Tested with Greasemonkey and GreasemonkIE.


Hi Todd.

Why are you dis-allowing explorer.exe from loading the greasemonkey extension? I really don't understand why this trend has caught on. I can (and do!) sit in explorer.exe and browse to web sites, but now my BHOs don't load and don't work, and for no apparent reason...

I'd strongly urge you to remove this "wrapper"!

The problem with explorer.exe is that it never unloads. This makes it extremely painful to uninstall or upgrade BHOs, requiring a reboot or at least a logout/login cycle. With iexplore.exe, you only need to close the last IE window and it'll unload the BHO.

If there were some to make explorer.exe let go of a BHO reference without requiring a logout or reboot, I'd be willing to remove the mscoree.dll wrapper.

Is there a mailing list or something for discussion on around GreasemonkIE?

Also, do you plan to open source?

There's nothing but these few posts for now. I've started thinking about hosting this over on GotDotNet, but since it's literally only days old, I haven't done anything yet.

I'll post when I sort out my long-term source control and community strategy (sourceforge, gotdotnet, here, somewhere else, whatever).

Hi Todd. I've just knocked up a simple test BHO, and on my xpsp2 machine, explorer only keeps the dll locked as long as an explorer window is open, exactly the same as Internet Explorer.

I agree that when the dll is locked, upgrading or uninstalling the dll is now more difficult, but that's a one time problem that can be worked around, and you're solving it with an "every time" problem that can't be worked around.

That's really my only issue with this. You're optimising to the least frequent case - upgrading and uninstalling, and in so doing you're cutting out a percentage of your user base (and making your code more complicated in the process).


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