Get your TiVO ready!

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The first two hours of season 4 of 24 air on Sunday night, January 9th, at 8pm PST. The next two hours air on the following Monday. At 9pm on Sunday night, the second season of Carnivale starts up as well. Thankfully, HBO likes to rebroadcast episodes througout the week, so I'll be able to catch Carnivale without having to sacrifice hour two of 24. Now if only The Sopranos would get going with season 6, I'd be a very satisfied television viewer.

Somewhat related, I am now a "digital crack" dealer. I loaned out my DVDs of seasons one and two of 24 to my manager, and now she's complaining about lack of sleep. Just one more hour! As with any drug dealer, I held off on giving her season three at the same time, so she'll be coming back for more.