Lucidamp 3.5

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As promised, Lucidamp 3.5, now with support for Winamp 5.x Modern skins.


  • Obviously, Modern Skin support. Top-level modern-skinned windows are found automatically by Lucidamp. This includes plugins using the Modern skin support (ie, if your window uses the BaseWindow_RootWnd class, Lucidamp should find it), such as Album List 2.0. Modern windows have their own subsection of the Lucidamp configuration tree.
  • Classic skin support remains, with the addition of a Caption string to help identify plugin windows. Since Nullsoft released source code for the Winamp Library (gen_ml.dll), many plugins have started using that as a starting point without changing the window class name. That means you're going to find a number of plugins use the "Winamp Gen" class. Three I know of off-hand are Winamp Library, Jump To File, and Album List 2.0. The first two are included with recent Winamp 5.x releases. By including a caption as well as the window class, you can differentiate between the different plugins.
  • A few more plugins are supported out of the box. Jump To File is added, and you can now choose between Album List 1.x and Album List 2.x support (2.x is a complete rewrite, including a new window class name).

Known Issues

  • Lucidamp configuration for classic windows is disabled when in modern skin mode. This is by design.
  • Different configuartion options appear for different modern skins. This is due to the dynamic nature of modern skins. For example, the "Winamp Modern" default skin uses a caption of "Player Window" for the main window, while most other modern skins use a caption of "Main Window". Lucidamp will remember your settings based on the caption of the window, so if two skins use "Main Window", they'll have the same settings. If the skins use different captions, you'll have to configure them separately.
  • Sometimes, the Playlist Editor, Media Library, certain plugins like Album List, etc may render incorrectly in modern skin mode. Usually this happens if you switch back and forth between classic and modern skins. I blogged about this problem previously, discussing why it happens. I've made an attempt to fix the problem (which resulted in the design of the first "Known Issue"), but it doesn't seem to always work. In most cases, hiding and re-showing the window in question will fix the rendering problem. Worst case requires you to restart Winamp.

I still need to rethink the programming API for Lucidamp, now that it's more dynamic. In fact, I should've rethought it for 3.0, but I haven't. For now, it should still work while using a classic skin, but it doesn't expose anything for modern windows or plugins other than Mikroamp.